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Billiards in the Twentieth Century
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This antiquarian volume contains a guide to billiards written by the premiere twentieth-century authority on the subject; Riso Levi. This accessible book contains a wealth of information that would be of considerable utility to the modern snooker or pool enthusiast, and will be of special interest to collectors of antiquarian sporting literature. The chapters of this volume include: 'The Manufacture of Tables', 'Great Players I Have Watched', 'Professionals versus Amateurs', 'Billiards for Woman', 'A Billiards-Table Problem', 'An Astonishing Feat with Billiard Balls', 'A Challenge from Willie Smith and my Reply', 'A Hundred in Four Minutes', 'Composition Ball', etcetera. We are republishing this vintage book now in an affordable, modern, high quality edition - complete with a specially commissioned new introduction on billiards, pool, and snooker.

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